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The problem of thin-shelled chicken eggs

The problem of thin-shelled chicken eggs

It is a problem facing egg farmers and it causes high yields instead of good quality eggs. But the eggs are less beautiful, good quality…
The origin of the problem of thin-shelled eggs
main reasons
1. Chicken age
2. Chicken lacks calcium.
3. Chicken lacks vitamin D3 or phosphorus that helps in calcium absorption.
4. Chickens don’t drink enough water.
5. Shocked chicken
If we are to find the cause to the right point We have to start by looking at the age of the chicken first. If the chicken is old Or lay eggs more than 40 weeks and notice that the chicken is about this age. will lay a large egg If you have never supplemented with calcium for hens Eggshells can be thin.
But if the age of the chicken is eliminated and still found some shells since the chicken had just started laying eggs
The main issue is the lack of calcium in the chicken.
Can be divided into two types:
1. Not enough calcium in the diet.
2. Chickens can’t absorb calcium for use or absorb, but use less.


Even in the finished food there is calcium mixed in. But most of them come from cheap raw materials. No matter how much you add, it won’t help your chicken get enough calcium. because of the main problem Chickens can’t absorb calcium. to be able to use it
Therefore, during the raising we need to supplement calcium. Either in water form or in powder form, because hens need a lot of calcium in order to
1. To build the body, nourish the hair, strengthen the wing bone. leg bones to be strong
2. Need Calcium to make eggs, including egg shells that are dark and hard
And we should choose calcium supplements. that contain vitamin D3 or phosphorus or magnesium in the composition Because these additives will help support the
Encourage hens to absorb calcium for maximum benefit.
Another factor that we should not overlook is that the chicken is dehydrated or drink less water. It can make the egg shell thin as well. we have to keep an eye on And do not let the chickens be dehydrated for a long time. because it will cause other problems to follow
And another issue that sometimes we don’t even think about is that the chicken is alarmed by external stimuli such as the cat, rat, snake, or the loud noise from the hand tools that repair the chicken coop. When the rooster panics in the morning
Or it’s the time when the chicken is about to lay eggs. will cause the eggs to fall out In spite of the chicken’s body is building a shell. but not complete
Thin-shelled eggs If we know the cause, observe and fix it, we can solve the problem to disappear, although there are some, but to a minimum. to screen for the best yield
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